Choose Your Own Adventure- Digitally!

The current project, which is significantly closer to completion, has spurned an odd and fun writing tool for me. As far as I know this is MY idea, but feel free to execute- it is a great writing exercise.
If you are looking to sharpen your extemporaneous writing skills, or just want to add some meat to that short story, try googling the first sentence you wrote, and selecting the "I'm feeling lucky option."
If you get no results, enjoy the fact that not every incidence of human existence has been yet indexed by a giant algorithmic monolith.
If you get a hit, read and figure out how to incorporate some essence of it into the next sentence you will write.
Example: Magda woke suddenly and sleepily remembered when this was her grandmother's home.
The hit is a page called Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas.
After skimming it, I have visions of deer, the apocalypse, and the slow death of some major American cities. So now I have some imagery to inspire me.
However, in this case, the google hit was literature by another author. I don't do plagiarism, and I do not want my work to be derivative.
In this case, the experiment failed.
Or did it?
Magda woke suddenly and sleepily remembered when this was her grandmother's home. That was before nine-eleven.

As my current project is set partially in NYC, the apocalyptic references within the google hit have reminded me to let the reader know our own semi-apocalyptic happening is in the past as it relates to the time line of the story.
I don't know if this "let some random search inspire the next sentence" result will survive the editors' rapier, but am enjoying the process (and the existence of such a process) nevertheless.