Cold Call Interviews

..are not always as difficult to pull off as one might think. Sometimes all it takes is a pen, a camera and a smile.
My recent subject was the Executive Producer of Hana yori Dango as they are on location in Las Vegas, shooting the film adaptation of the popular Japanese shows of a similar name.

However, he (having a smoke) did tell me his name was "Shin Ichi Mishiko," which subsequent research revealed is a variation of a character's name in the story.
Ms. Yumi Ambe (left), who handles public relations, provided me with the following, in a quick face to face as I waited for my own posse to arrive:
The film wrapped shooting at The Orleans this past Wednesday, and will continue to shoot on and around central Las Vegas until March 2, 2008.
The film is scheduled to debut in Tokyo, Japan this summer, and is hotly anticipated. Ms. Ambe also alluded to "Sex and the City," just as my security arrived to take me back to the Bellagio. I took a final quick pic of the crew (bottom) at work before taking off.
We left it there and I will provide more information as it becomes available to me.
See? That wasn't so difficult!


sara said...

I am a fan of the show, and am going to Vegas this week. It would be a big bonus to be able to watch them film the movie. Thanks for the information you have already provided. I am coming in from Texas. If you hear any new information specifically about filming on Wednesday and Thursday, I would love to hear about it. Thanks again.

stanza28 said...

I hope you had a decent stay, with the whole ricin thing putting LV Blvd on lockdown.
I kept running into the crew at the Bellagio Buffet- bet they are glad to be on the way back to Japan!!