Midday Manic (continuing)

Currently struggling with disorientation caused by lack of sleep. I decided to buy the domains associated with my blog names. One was purchased through Network Solutions for a whopping fourty-four dollars, and it is still not working- the stanza28 blog.
The other, for PokerBitches was purchased through Google and only cost ten bucks, and it's already live.
The domain is pokerramblings, as Pokerbitch is for sale but the sedo server could not handle my offer to buy the site, and I just found out "pokerbitches" is a porn site, so I am retooling. Eventually "pokerramblings" will supplant "PokerBitch."
"PokerBitch" is just too common, and there are already too many people out there using the same moniker. That does not work for me.
But "pokerramblings," that's mine now. Stay away you copycat cunts.

Network Solutions would not give me a refund for stanza28, so I am hoping my readers will reach me by performing a search of the term "stanza28," otherwise, you will find yourself staring at a page with no content, that states it is under construction.
My more tech savvy friends warned me that Network Solutions was a horrible way to go- and I ignored their advice.
Mine is a cautionary tale.

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