Boredoms at Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is a great place for a show. Because I am usually at a show for the sound, the couches on the second or third level provide a perfect opportunity to just kick back and let the music wash over me. It's fairly therapeutic.
Last night I checked out the Boredoms, a Japanese percussion band that was explosive and screeching and fantastic--sort of like a mad heavy Zeppelinish car crashing sound. The show was well attended but I still had enough space to lounge on a sofa and people watch as the night drew on.

What was especially intense and exciting was the second act “Black Pus” (a side project of Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale according to a friend in the know). The pic with the robot in the backdrop is of Black Pus performing. The images are poor, but I thought you’d enjoy a peek. And who doesn't love robots? This artist was phenomenal and he drummed his guts out.

The other image is of all that sound stuff- my drink is in the corner- all that machinery pulsated in sync with the heavy drumming and I found that exceedingly soothing.

The Boredoms’ head guy (eYe?), screeching into the mic, surrounded by Sabian is portrayed in the other pic- again, poor quality image, but I did not feel like toting the hardcore camera--kinda wishing I had.

The opening band was Soft Circle- they were very good as well in the same sort of way.
If you can catch this triumvirate- take advantage. Ear splitting percussion that soothes while making you want to groove is hard to find.

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