Kinetic Gives Me Energy

After seeing the same "Blogs of Note" titles on the Blogger Dashboard site for about a month, I had to ask myself what made them so special. So I visited this one.
Geek love indeed.
Many years ago I took a trip (of many) to Amsterdam and saw an exhibit related to wearable computing. Browsing through "Kinetic" excited some memory neurons and I was right back there again at Stedelijk at the dusk of the previous millenium, gawking at denim with built in iPods.
T-shirts with games of Pong going on are more old-school while at the same time more geek in their use of technology.
While we are speaking geek, were you lucky enough to play live Pong at Wired's 2006 Nextfest?
I was. And I scored "Andrea" as well. She was recently framed. (Don't waste any energy telling me the photo sucks, I am mollifying the insurance people.)

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