Radical Reductionsim

Well, I had a chance to get back to editing the project affiliated with the blog "Pokerramblings" (formerly and aka "pokerbitch" and "pokerbitches"); clearly I am going to need help with the title. But more importantly, the story has been radically deconstructed and rearticulated. So it's back to editing. The ETA has not been significantly compromised.
There is another project on my desk, it's a short story book. They are mostly horror stories and am currently deciding on whether to bifurcate the project into one short story horror collection and hold the non-horror stories for a different compendium.

Gwen Stefani speaks of a "simple kind of life;" one lost to selfishness. I am happy to be living said simple life thanks to a lack thereof.
Thanks to those who keep me there.

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