After three days of actual relaxation (even the laptop stayed behind) in Atlantic City, I returned to NYC for an ABA Chat. The panel of brilliant scientists included Dr.Garman Harbottle, and Dr.Peter Lu, along with curators from the Met, Louvre, and the art museum at Harvard.
Needless to say, the symposium was the very definition of nirvana for a person of my predilections.

Unfortunately, after such an incredible high, I crashed last night and was unable to meet some friends near Chinatown.
The frustration was immense. And try as they might, few people can really understand how a person can go from "happiest day of their life" to irritable and anti-social in a matter of minutes. Sometimes I have more sympathy for those who choose to interact with me than for myself.

A quick trip to the MoMa before the ABA chat lent the opportunity for a quick beauty inspiration (looks like Botero, but honestly, I just snapped the image and moved on) and now I prepare to head back to the Ivory Tower on the Jersey Shore.

The great news: writer's block was obliterated. Perhaps it was the lack of the laptop, first I scribbled aimlessly on the house stationary, and then I realized I was re-writing a scene that had been troubling me for months.

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