Celebrities I Have Encountered* In Places of Leisure or Education or Transportation:

(The number next to the name represents in millions, rounded to two digits, how many Google hits the "Celebrity" had when I irresponsibly used "Google" as a spellcheck a few moments ago. As the upper set of the range is ninety-two million and the lower, four-hundred-thirty thousand, "What does 'celebrity' mean?" felt like a very relevant question. Also, for those into probability, it should be noted that the Google check was performed by entering the name as listed, with no quotes and some name searches are thusly more likely to yield a greater number of results.)

A.Rod (5.3)
Andre Agassi (2.3)
David Copperfield (3.6)
John Cusack (3.9)
Matt Dillon (2.3)
Larry Flynt (1.2)
Rudy Giuliani (6.1)
Neil Patrick Harris (1.6)
Paris Hilton (92)
David Lee Roth (2.3)
Steve Martin (12)
Milli Vanilli (.94)
Jerry Orbach (.64)
Sean Penn (6.2)
Joey Ramone (2.2)
Keith Richards (5.7)
Isabella Rossellini (2.8)
The Guy From “Lost” (Jorge Garcia) (6.1)
John Voight (.43)
James Woods (13)
Frank Zappa (8)

*Definition of “encountered”
Defined at, at the minimum, being within ten feet (10’) of the celebrity (going forward ”the subject”)in a place of leisure or education or transportation (i.e. John Voight at the airport a few months ago)for more than a few seconds, where eye contact between the parties was made, for more than a flash(indeed the “more than a flash” requirement is what keeps this list from being boringly long), even if said contact was not a fully cognizant contact of either party’s identity at the time of contact.
“Encountered” is to be interpreted liberally, but at no time does it mean more than in said place of leisure, education, or transportation the parties shared several drinks, and engaged in jovial camaraderie (i.e. Joey Ramone at the Grand c.1992).
These are the inner and outer limits of “encountered” as “encountered” relates to this list.
There is at least one “encountered subject” who was encountered more than once, but that is the end of what I am going to say about this list. To say more could be perceived as invasive, and would take the fun out of it.
None of this is to construe, imply or state that there was any more or less than an “encounter” with any of the above stated parties (“I did not say I knew him, I said he touched me on the shoulder once...”).
Places of leisure or education or transportation may include, but are not limited to: spas, casinos, hotels, clubs, lounges, university campuses, libraries, museums, aircraft, subway cars, and monorails.
The list is not and should not be construed as exhaustive or exclusive or all inclusive or anything other than arbitrary selections from a greater set of encountered subjects, memorialized during an especially funny car ride.

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