Timing Trains

No, I am just kidding! As ill as I get, I am not looking to screw everyone else's commute. That's unimaginative and selfish. And I am neither...

It has, however, been a hell month. Despite the usual rapid cycling, remembering to take all those meds, and running and helping to run several businesses, it is no surprise to me or mine that I am worn out, and have developed some painful though not particularly dangerous symptoms.
One of those symptoms is nostalgia.
The other is physical, and I would not presume to bore you with the details.
The dangerous thing about nostalgia is that it serves as an impetus--to idealize old friends, old memories, to actually even consider reaching out to the past.

As I have not yet publicly declared my satisfaction with the election of the next president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, I will do so now by paraphrasing some of his own words: it is not about black or white, or who said what when, or the past, or blame, it is about moving forward.

And moving on!

See you there... maybe.

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