Today is a tough one as a matter of form.
The wisest strategy I have found thus far is insulation. So I'm tucked away, attempting to not provoke chaos, by interacting with as few people as possible. It almost seems there is some irony in blogging about it, but no one ever posts comments on my pages so there isn't much in the way of interaction; almost.
The weather is mild where I find myself today and my mind travels on tips of toes to a place in time almost a decade behind us.
Was it cold that day? Was it sunny?

No recollection, but my friend tells me it was raining.

So tucked I stay.
This is the first post I'm publishing with the assistance of a Dell Mini. The keyboard and mouse are starting to feel normal, and I'm avoiding some image heavy webpages I was warned would crash it. (So far it has crashed once every day, yesterday at the saks.com site. Too many flashing images of red-heeled shoes!)
Six more weeks of winter minus one day, and in some kind of light I will try to stay...not feeling bad or strange, just sort of a foreboding remembered.

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