No Alcohol at All

It started because of a weight loss diet and a dare. And now I fit in an old pair of favorite jeans and have noticed that I have been experiencing fewer down days.
Guinness with a pal or some Grey Goose and juice at a lounge was my usual way.
Champagne when I forgot how bad the hangover would be, and wine with any dinner except the kind that went with beer.
And when I felt depressed, Johnnie black.
Drop dead stupid drunk was a thing I left behind years ago; the silly college days, though I wouldn't be kidding anybody if I pretended that I didn't still get slammed once or twice a year.
The last time was at a Chemical Brothers concert in '07.
Anyway, alcohol and I parted ways a few months ago and while on a very blue beach recently I had a sip of the goose with some juice and had an immediate headache.
And cried for no reason that night.

I still love bars and lounges. Hell it's where the vampires socialized with me since I was fourteen, what else would I know?
It does still take some work for my friends to understand I'm not judging them or a buzzkill. That's a bit weird, there's always been an abstainer of something or other in whatever group I enjoyed. Unless there was some friction I did not assume they were a narc.

Now that summer is here, it might be different when I'm sitting in the beer garden, but I doubt it. Water is something I consume by the gallon, and have, forever.
It's fun getting my friends a round or a pitcher, there's extra cash for a bigger tip (take care of your servers! I cannot believe how ruthless people are towards individuals who live on tips), and instead of flab, there's Fab ; )

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